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  • 11 août 2021, 03:11

    Tournament from Booongo "Mega Ways Fiesta"

    Progressive prize pool

    from €40 000

    The tournament will be held

    27.05.2021 09:00 UTC -01.06.2021 21:00 UTC

    Rules of the tournament:

    The task of the participant is to earn as many points as it is possible throughout the duration of the tournament. 

    The minimal bet to take part in the tournament is 0,5 EUR. In order to qualify for the scoreboard of winners, one has to make at least 150 spins in one or several tournament games.

    Players receive points for each 1 EUR winning spin – 1point. Example: player made a 1 EUR spin total bet and won 120 EUR, player will get 120 Points.

    Only completed spins will be shown on the scoreboard of leaders.

    Each player will be awarded a unique tournament ID which will be displayed on the scoreboard of the tournament leaders.

    The players who managed to receive the biggest number of points during the tournament appear on the leaderboard.

    The tournament scoreboard is shown in all games of the tournament, results are updated every 5 minutes (in case of a technical failure this time can be increased up to 30 minutes).

    In case of attempts to abuse prizes, violations of the casino rules and other manipulations connected with the absence of necessary information, the company reserves the right to deny participation.

    The casino shall not be liable for any mistakes or failures on the part of a gaming provider.

    Payouts are made by the provider Booongo automatically after the tournament finishes.

    Payouts are made in the currency of the account, which took part in the tournament, according to the relevant exchange rate.

    Slots for participating


    Progressive Prize Pool


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