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Data protection guideline

Security & Encryption

Casino provides data security with an SSL security certificate for securing information such as name, surname, date of birth, email address and mobile phone when logging in the website and for not encountering any problems in your financial transactions.
Your credit card details are encrypted and sent only once over the internet to Casino. It is then stored encrypted Casino secure systems. Casino is dedicated to protecting your confidential information and, as part of doing so, Casino is certified towards the Payment Card Industries Data Security Standard.

The security of Casino’s systems and applications are tested several times per year by third-party security experts. Furthermore Casino has an Intrusion Detection System that monitors all network traffic 24/7 for signs of attacks or intrusions.

Casino has a dedicated fraud department and advanced systems in place to detect and prevent suspicious activity, to ensure that Casino’s website remains a secure playing-field. Any account involved in suspicious activity will be suspended and investigated to the fullest extent. Should you as user have any doubts about the activity on your account, such as unrecognized transactions in the transaction history or surprising changes in the balance, please contact us immediately.

Why is your information recorded?

Like other representatives of the online gaming industry, the Casino is also functioning with a membership system. For this reason, a personal page is assigned to each member named "My Account". In addition to the user name and password, other information is also required in order to distinguish the users who own the account from each other in the system and to avoid confusion.

Account holders must have distinctive qualifications in order to be able to deal with monetary matters without any problems. For this reason, personal information such as name, surname, address, telephone, etc., is obtained by the members. Another reason for receiving data from users is that they are relevant to the site and that campaign announcements reach the right people. It is important for the members to be informed instantly of any kind of change and to share the data when they are deemed necessary and to ensure that the communication is not interrupted.

Casino follows a transparent attitude in all matters concerning the operation of the system. You can use support e-mail: [email protected] all your questions, comments and requests, or you can contact our customer representatives at our live support service.

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